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Read This Before Seeking the Best Secondary Math Tuition in Singapore

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In line with the goals of Singapore’s secondary mathematics curriculum, secondary math tuition should focus on the fact that students need a certain level of mathematical understanding and ability to lead their daily life effectively. This necessity makes it important for students to only choose the ‘best’ option when it comes to secondary math tuition.
The best secondary math tuition in Singapore should comprise the necessary features and resources to help students who have keen interests on continuing to learn mathematics in the next phase of their academic education, overcoming all the obstacles they may face as they start their secondary education.
In this article, I’ll explain a few crucial factors to raise awareness among those looking for the best secondary math tuition in Singapore.

The government strongly recognises the importance of secondary math in particular and mathematics in general.

As in many developed nations in the world, among the Singaporeans are aspiring professionals in different fields of science and technologies who strive for development in their respective domains and are part of Smart Nation initiatives. Secondary mathematics provides them a strong foundation that helps them improve mathematical insights and skills in computation.
Mathematics education in Singapore plays a significant role in equipping the Singaporeans with the essential knowledge, ideas, and skills to develop their ability to think analytically, critically, and logically. This improved ability can help them contribute to Singapore’s growing economy and flourishing society in the long run.
After all, there is a reason Singaporean students boast having some of the highest scores in science and math tests at the primary and secondary level education across the globe.
Well, you’ve come to know now or you are already aware of the above. But you may still wonder why you should only try and find the best secondary math tuition in Singapore.

Only choose the best secondary math tuition in Singapore, not just any.

Secondary mathematics being the last stage where mathematics is a compulsory subject makes it also the last opportunity for students to discover their own interests and strengths. Students in Singapore view its role in different ways.
Some students only see mathematics as a tool to help them meet some of their real-life needs on a day-to-day basis. To these students, the importance of choosing the best secondary math tuition in Singapore may be valid as long as the secondary level of mathematics continues.
However, those with the goal to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education should think beyond the secondary levels of education.
They should only look for the best secondary math tutor in Singapore because the knowledge and understanding they may gain from math tuition at the secondary level need to be good enough to support their STEM education in future.
Choosing the best secondary math tuition makes it easy to study advanced topics and prepare for higher studies, giving students a head start along the way.

There are some differences between primary and secondary mathematics.

If you are looking for the best secondary math tuition in Singapore, you are already familiar with the fact that children studying Primary 6 can solve “word problems” if they know which concept has been used in the test. There are 12 concepts, and if they can identify the one in use and the way around it, getting high scores in math tests is not much of a challenge.
Math education for secondary students in Singapore is originally topic-based unlike primary math. The most common topics that students might learn after enrolling in math tuition for Secondary 1 include angles, speed, volume, whole numbers, etc.
Another noticeable difference between these two primary and secondary math tuition is the teacher staff that students meet. Teachers at the secondary level are not likely much familiar with students’ actual ability and how they’ve been taught. This may affect the teachers’ ability to identify whether or not the students are able to easily pick up on the selected topics discussed in the class on a routine basis.
Another matter of concern is the way teachers teach students at the secondary level may differ from how teachers teach pupils at the primary level. This difference sometimes affects students’ ability to fully understand what they’re being taught.
Math tuition can be a good support to address the above issues. An experienced math tutor with strong familiarity with the challenges faced by students as they try to progress through their secondary level can bridge the gap. This is where choosing only the best secondary math tuition in Singapore is more of a necessity than an option.

Recognising the Role of the Best Secondary Math Tuition in Singapore

Secondary Mathematics in Singapore comprises five syllabuses such as two O-Level, two N(A)-Level, one N(T)-Level syllabuses, all of which have been equipped with the discussions and resources that help students improve skills in critical processes such as, communication, modelling, reasoning, etc.
This makes secondary levels as important as all the future levels of education, and mathematics is viewed as a priority that gives students a solid start as they plan for studying engineering and technologies. Thus, the role of the best secondary math tuition is not negligible at all.

Are you still unsure about the way you can choose the right math tutor in Singapore? Feel free to contact me via email messages or call directly at my phone or WhatsApp number.

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